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Responsible Tourism Award

Outlook Responsible Tourism Award

Our Client Mr Sanjay Austa. received Outlook Responsible Tourism Award for our project at Meena Bagh, Shimla, Executed by The Ridge.

HP Environment Leadership Award

Environment Leadership Award

Our Client G.S.S.S, Portmore Shimla recieved a cash prize of Rs 25,000 from Department of Environment, Science & Technology, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh.

Praised by the Smarts

Today in 1 hr, We collected 15,000 Litres of rainwater. I had almost collected the rainwater from all the roof and accordingly collected 1,550 mm rain per year. I can collect about 1 crore litre of water.
Manager, Snowking Retreat
Hello Gaurav, I’m pleased to inform you I had a successful trial of Rainwater Harvesting and collected about 12,000 Litres of rainwater in 4 hrs just from one roof. The credit goes to you.
Manager, Snowking Retreat
You are a woodpecker consistently behind your customers for projects and giving the best solution price to your customers.
MD, Rajvir Motors
You take care of your partner’s interest in the starting itself.
Managing Director
Your are Waterman.
Mr. Sanjay Austa
Meenabaagh Resorts
We are saving 60 paisa per denim per wash cost after installing your anti scaling vortex instant converter.
Site Manager
Arvind Ltd.