We are an environmental engineering consultancy that specializes in all aspects of stormwater management. We pride ourselves on delivering stormwater solutions that are sustainable, result in minimal environmental impact and meet the needs of projects with respect to stormwater conveyance and disposal.
We provide guidelines for managing stormwater runoff. We help design systems that are reliable and compliant with rules and regulations and produce and project manage both resource and building consents. Our aim is to provide cleaner and more environmentally sound discharge of stormwater to the receiving environments, the rivers, streams and water beds.

We offer expertise and assistance with stormwater management needs across a broad spectrum of activity, from new or existing residential properties to major residential or commercial developments. Services we can provide include Stormwater management, Stormwater network design, low impact design, flood risk assessment, resource consents, environmental engineering and assessments, erosion and sediment control, environmental impact assessments and hydrological modelling.

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  1. Siddharth

    Hi, do you have solutions for homes as well

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