Modernization brings with it a faster life where transport – cars, buses, trains, aeroplanes find an important place, which inevitably leaves a crucial environmental footprint. Enormous amounts of untreated wastewater are discharged from the washing of all these modes of transport, particularly from car wash facilities. This pollutes the water bodies but also puts pressure on finding sources of fresh water for everyday washing purpose.

The wastewater generated from vehicle washing can be recycled, treated and reused with the help of our automobile wash water treatment cum recycling plant. this unit is completely designed and Standardized in such a way that it can be easily manufactured and installed anywhere. The system generally comes in sizing of 50, 500, 1000 litres/hours, but can be scaled according to need.

The plant is skid mounted with automatic cycle operations & is accompanied with a detailed operation & maintenance manual. The system is complete eco-friendly as it has high efficiency of recycling water, at a very reasonable price so it may be regarded as one of the best buys in the market.

Operating Concept:

The vehicle wash water is collected and pumped into the plant, where it passes through several processes like grit removal, oil skimmer, gravity separators, chemical dozing and reactor, clarifier and self-backwashing cum cleaning filters. The treated water is completely fit for reuse. Also, this water is capable to be discharged into the natural environment without any risks of pollution after the recycling process.

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